Mass Schedule

Saturday, Vigil
5:00 pm

7:30 am, 9:00 am, 11:00 am


8:15 am

Mon., Tues.,
Thurs., Fri.

6:30 pm


At Mass on the third weekend of the month. Please make arrangements beforehand with the Parish Priest.

Anointing of
the Sick

At any time. Please call the Rectory at 330.644.2225


Arrangements with the Parish Priest is to be made at least six months before the wedding date.


Saturday 3:30-4:45 pm or call one of the priests for an appointment.

Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections.
Saint Francis de Sales
From the Pastor's Desk

Matters of the Heart

As many know, I have a great devotion to Saint Gerard (patron of expectant parents). It brings me great joy praying for couples who long to have a child or who carry their child within their womb and hearts. Lately, I have asked Saint Gerard to join his prayers with mine and a group of intercessors who are praying for children with congenital heart defects...especially for when they are diagnosed from the time they are in the womb like little Tobias John Gerard (who is due to be born Monday of Holy Week on April 10). So often we forget how much everything about the heart matters. From our genetics to the environment, from the foods that we eat and the exercise we may not always have time or the desire to do, we know we need to take care of every beat of our heart. Is there sacrifice? Absolutely! Is it easy? Well, let us just say that it is not always simple, but it is vital.

      This is the week…please take care of your heart! I f you haven't thought about it lately, maybe it's time to get your physical heart checked, but more importantly, dare to get your spiritual heart checked, as well. This third weekend of Lent I have asked for a holy priest, Fr. Ryan Mann, to speak to us about knowing the heart of the Father's love in your life, what it means to intimately know Jesus' Sacred Heart, and how to keep the Holy Spirit's breath to fill your beating heart. He will be preaching at all the weekend Masses before he begins our Lenten Parish Mission (March 19, 20, 21 beginning about 7:00 p.m.) Please, please, please, be here for any or all of these vital nights. All other parish activities have been suspended so we can be together and not distracted. He promises to keep it concise (only one hour each night) and compassionate (even offering to have Confessions available on Tuesday with 10 visiting priests). Whatever part of those three nights you can be here will affect your heart to live the life with which God has blessed you. By the way, Fr. Mann will also be on our weekly radio show, The Mercy Show (Sundays 10:30 a.m. 1590 WAKR) for the next two weekends (and you can find it on our parish website). Pax, Fr. Bline

(N.B. Did you know that this past week WILB Catholic radio,, ran their annual pledge drive to support evangelizing the truth of Jesus Christ?)

Fr. G. David Bline, Pastor

Fr. Louis Thomas, Parochial Vicar

Deacon Raymond S. Herrick

Deacon Richard C. Butz, Retired

Kathleen Ott, Director of Faith Formation


Parish Registration

Please see one of the priests after any of the weekend Masses.

Parish Office Hours

Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm

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Parish News

  All weekdays 8:15 am and 6:30 pm
  School Mass: 9:00 am Fridays
     March 10 thru April 7
  Every Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm
      in the Adoremus Room
  All weekdays 7:00-8:10 am 
     and 7:00-10:00 pm 
  Tuesdays 9:00 am-6:20 pm 
  Fridays 10:15 am-6:20 pm 
Stations of the Cross
  Mondays 2:15 pm 
     (with School Children)
  Fridays 7:00 pm
Examination of Conscience
  All weeknights 6:00 pm until Mass   
  Wednesdays 8:45-9:30 am
  Saturdays 3:00-4:45 pm
  Sunday mornings after 9:00 am
      Mass until 10:50 (through Apr 9)
  Diocesan-wide Evening of
       Reconciliation: Wednesday
       March 15, 5:00-8:00 pm (Mass
        will take place simultaneously)
  Cluster Communal Penance:
       Monday, March 27, 7:00 pm
 Night Prayer:
  Sunday evenings 9:00 pm
     (Through Palm Sunday)

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